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Why Use Professional Web Services?

Running a business is difficult and tasking, but managing your company website doesn't have to be. Web design and management should have an easy solution. There are many different aspects of managing your company that need attention daily. You should not have to handle this portion alone. We will not sell you unneeded services, quite the opposite! We are your partner in an unfamiliar world. We care about your company's success, it defines our values here at "Site Granted".

Having a company website is one of the most important marketing tools your company will utilize. Without a website you would be left in the dark with a sea of bright lights around you. No one has the goal of hiding their company's name. You want everyone to see and recognize your brand. No matter what product or services you offer, you can be found online. The trick is making sure that your information is in front of the customer or client right when they need it most.

We are experts in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Online Reputation Management, Social Media Marketing, Website Design, Search Analytics and so much more. Please scroll down to see a brief overview of services or visit our services page for a full list of what we offer. Whether you are starting from scratch or your website needs a tune up, we are here for you and your business.


Analytics Reporting

Creating graphs, charts and reports for you to understand the benefit online marketing can have in reaching your target audience. Advising you on the next steps to take based on that information. Reports and, most importantly, interpretation of data is key.

Web Design

Once your customer arrives at your website you have one chance at a first impression. You deserve the newest innovations in website creation. Your website design makes all the difference. You need a website that will reflect your professional image.

Reputation Management

Good reviews and positive feedback are a must. Consumers and clients trust what other consumers have to say. This is managed with Online Reputation Management techniques. You will reap the rewards of positive feedback in a multitude of ways!

Blog Management

Blog customization and set-up. Providing useful content on the internet is a vital part of growing your brand or business. If you don't have time to publish posts or manage SEO and comments, leave it to the experts.


If a customer or user cannot find your website, it might as well not exist. Advanced Search Engine Optimization techniques are used to bring your website higher in the rankings on Google as well as other search engines.

Social Media

The perfect Social Media Marketing approach for your business will be crafted. Posting meaningful content on a consistent basis can be time consuming. High level experience to draw in fans and customers is required to make your company stand out among the rest.
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What Will You Pay?

In our experience, many companies will charge $3,800 - $4,800 a month while only providing around $600 worth of time and value.
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What They Say

I first started working with Grant on a finish up of my site to recover what someone else had started. As everyone knows, that is in my opinion a nightmare! He brushed it up and made it the way I wanted it in no time like it was second nature.

From there he has helped with videos on, SEO work, and upgrades to the site! It has been a fantastic business relationship that far exceeds my expectations and would definitely be an asset to anyone needing work done on their website or SEO work!
– Rodney Angerbauer

Owner - VendingLocator4U